Commercial Boiler Services in Newport: Installation, Servicing and Repair

Total Boiler Services has many years of experience in Commercial Boiler Services in Newport, including installing, maintaining, servicing, and repairing commercial gas, oil, and biofuel boilers and plant room systems for commercial premises and businesses in Newport and across South Wales. To ensure the safety, efficiency, and reliability of your teams, customers, and property, we understand the importance of having a safe and efficient boiler and heating system, along with any associated equipment. Our commercial boiler engineers are all gas-safe registered and have the expertise and knowledge to work with all commercial boiler models and manufacturers.

We provide full installation, servicing, maintenance, and repair services for commercial and industrial businesses for a wide range of heating and boiler systems. If you have an emergency, we are available around the clock, 365 days a year, to assist you.

Hazards always exist when gas, electricity, and water are close by, and our skilled engineers’ installation and maintenance services guarantee that any work we do is secure and complies with all health and safety legislation.

We are extremely proud that our engineers are not just qualified but also highly experienced, enabling them to find faults and resolve issues quickly and efficiently with any boiler system.

Customers are at the heart of our operation, both with our in-house customer service team and with our friendly team of engineers working with our customers. We will always keep you informed on the progress of the job and give our advice and recommendations if any repair or upgrade work is needed.

Commercial Boiler Installations in Newport

To ensure that you have energy efficiency in your heating and hot water supply, boiler and heating installation services involve several critical tasks that are designed to set up boilers, controls, pipework, radiators, and hot water cylinders within commercial buildings to ensure your heating demands are met. Well-executed professional commercial boiler installations are vital for not only ensuring safety but also for compliance with industry regulations and optimal performance. 

Total Boiler Services offers comprehensive commercial boiler installations and commercial boiler replacements in Newport and throughout Wales and the West of England. We have experience in all sizes of industrial boilers and heaters, makes, and models, and we will assess your property and business needs before offering our recommendations to meet your heating requirements and energy savings. As part of our commercial installations, we will decommission any old systems and ensure your new system is running efficiently and safely, with full sign-off for small or larger premises. We also provide 24/7 emergency call-out services and offer bespoke maintenance agreements post-installation.

Regulatory requirements in the UK stipulate that all domestic and commercial boiler installations must strictly adhere to gas-safe regulations. By following these regulations, safety standards are upheld, and the proper functioning of central heating systems is guaranteed with reliable heating and hot water. In addition to ensuring that our boiler work complies with current regulations and legislation, our commercial boiler installers are experts at commissioning, repairing, and performing routine maintenance to ensure your boiler and heating systems operate as efficiently and safely as possible. If there is a need to replace existing equipment, our team will decommission any systems as part of our services when required.

Due to the ever-increasing cost of fuel and the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels, a well-functioning heating system or commercial plant, whether using oil, gas, or electric boilers, is extremely important for any business.

Our expert team provides a full consulting service for the installation of new boiler systems or appliances to ensure that you choose the energy-efficient, cost-saving product that suits your property and business needs. We will plan, design, and manage your new system through installation, testing, decommissioning of any old systems, and full sign-off. 

You can then opt for planned maintenance services after the installation as part of our full contract management service, incorporating all of your essential systems, giving you peace of mind that they are being properly maintained and always working as efficiently as possible.

Planned Commercial Boiler Maintenance & Repair Services in Newport

Our dedicated teams offer a full range of servicing, maintenance, and repair services to keep your system running safely and efficiently. Having your commercial boiler service performed regularly will prevent issues before they arise, meaning there will be no disruption to your business.

Planned maintenance services for your commercial heating systems will extend the life of your boiler and minimise the likelihood that major malfunctions or the need to replace the entire system will interrupt your business’s operations. They are affordable, and they ensure you don’t have a surprise bill to pay when you least expect it.

Our customers’ individual needs are met through our planned maintenance and repair services. Our qualified commercial boiler engineers complete every job according to all current health and safety regulations, and all risk assessments and method statements are provided as needed.

Our commercial boiler maintenance agreements are tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of each client, property owner, or industrial building and comply with all applicable health and safety legislation. As your boiler and heating system maintenance partner, we place a high priority on adhering to your company’s policies and procedures. We provide comprehensive risk assessments and method statements for every client we work with. 

Our Boiler Management Control Systems (BMCS) in Newport

Boiler Management Control Systems (BMCS) enable your boiler to fire, provide a set point, control the pumps and blending valves, and monitor its operation. A combustion control system regulates the air supply to a burner so that combustion efficiency is maintained.

In a boiler plant control room, a boiler sequence control is used to manage a heating system that uses several boilers. The number of boilers that fire at the same time can help you save energy and money if your heating system uses more than one. Boiler sequence controllers help to manage heat losses in boilers when operating at low thermal loads. We have an excellent track record in the installation and management of BMCS and will work with you to ensure optimum energy savings after installation.

What are the benefits of a boiler management control system (BMCS)?

Boiler Management Control Systems (BMCS) are instrumental in streamlining a commercial boiler service to elevate efficiency and realise cost savings. They are designed to fine-tune the performance of boilers and manage energy consumption effectively 24 hours a day, resulting in increased system functionality and a significant decrease in maintenance costs. 

BMCS systems not only reduce energy bills, but they also play a pivotal role in minimising CO2 emissions and improving sustainability in commercial properties. They support the increasingly important focus on eco-conscious practices in industries by enabling boilers to operate in a greener and more environmentally friendly manner through their control and monitoring capabilities. 

Implementing a boiler management control system (BMCS) will offer several benefits, one of which is the significant reduction in energy costs, which can be anything between 20% and 30%. The substantial cost-saving element not only positively impacts the financials of an operation but also plays a big role in environmental sustainability by curbing CO2 emissions.

Total Boiler Services is a leading provider of BMCS in Newport, Wales, and the West of England for its exceptional range of tailored Boiler Management Control Systems for commercial properties and businesses. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, high-value installations that guarantee improved efficiency and cost savings for our clients. To illustrate the practical advantages of our solutions, Total Boiler Services’ BMCS can lower the energy costs of a commercial property by 20–30% in the first year of installation.

Commercial Boiler Services in Newport

Boiler Management Control System Benefits

    • Increases your boiler’s efficiency
    • Prolongs the life of your boiler
    • Lowers the energy costs of your business
    • Decreases CO2 emissions 
    • Reduces the possibility of a boiler malfunction
    • Provides a controlled, reliable temperature that adjusts to fluctuating temperatures
    • It decreases the likelihood of expensive repairs
    • They can be installed with new boiler and plant room systems 
    • They can be installed as an upgrade to existing boiler and plant room systems
    • Available with alert systems that provide real-time issue identification through remote monitoring capabilities, meaning quicker repair times

If you would like to know more about our boiler management control systems and how they will benefit your business and efficiency, contact us today at 02922 407934 or email us to arrange a site visit.

Our Commercial Boiler Services in Newport 

    • Service and Maintenance
    • Gas boiler servicing
    • Oil boiler servicing
    • Combustion analysis
    • Boiler safety checks
    • Gas-safe certification
    • Boiler fault diagnosis
    • Boiler inspection and condition reports
    • Plant replacement surveys

Our Commercial Boiler Installations in Newport

    • Commercial boiler installation: Gas, Oil and LPG boilers
    • New boiler room design and installation
    • Biomass boiler installation
    • Domestic Hot water boilers
    • Plate heat exchangers
    • Electrode boilers
    • System upgrades
    • Flue system installation
    • High-efficiency boiler plant room installations

If you are looking for commercial services in Newport, including installation, servicing, and repair, Total Boiler Services can help. We are a family-run business that you can trust for all your commercial heating and plumbing needs in Newport. Contact us today at 02922 407934 or email us to arrange a service, repair, or design installation appointment with one of our experts.