Servicing & Maintenance

Throughout Wales and the West of England. We are qualified to work on all commercial boiler makes & models.




We understand the importance of an efficient boiler system to your business.

At Total Boiler Services, we make sure our client’s boilers are serviced on a regular basis to ensure they run to their optimum level, keeping your fuel costs low and your heating and hot water regulated.

Any boiler unit that has a 70kW power rating and above is defined as a commercial boiler. You should always use a commercial boiler specialist like Total Boiler Services as we have the qualifications and experience of servicing, repairing and installing all types and sizes of commercial boilers. 

If you are a landlord then you have a legal requirement to have any gas appliances gas safety checked every 12 months, and this can be done at the same time as your boiler service. Total Boiler Services engineers are all Gas Safe Registered and are qualified to carry out the required inspections, providing you with a Landlord Gas Safe Certificate when completed. 

Although highly effective, modern boilers are complex pieces of equipment and there are times when their components can fail. A commercial boiler service checks that your boiler is compliant with current boiler regulations (which are consistently being updated) and that it is functioning safely and efficiently, minimising the likelihood of it breaking down.

A regular boiler service ensures your commercial property and business have continuous and regulated heating, and hot water, minimising the risk of it breaking down during operating hours. Being without heat and or hot water can really disrupt your business and a regular service by Total Boiler Services will ensure it is running safely and efficiently.

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Identifying and fixing small issues prevents commercial boiler repairs and breakdown.

An annual boiler service by a qualified boiler engineer will also keep your boiler within its warranty as well as detecting faults early on which can often lead to bigger problems later down the line if not fixed.

The Total Boiler team of engineers have all the experience and knowledge that is needed to ensure your commercial boiler is running as it should do. They are Gas Safe registered which means they are legally qualified to service, repair and install gas boilers as well as having the qualifications to work on any make or model of boiler, whether it’s a single boiler unit through to a full plant room. 

Our Boiler Engineers are qualified to work on the following types of boilers:

  • Gas Boilers
  • Oil Boilers
  • L.P.G Boilers
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Domestic Hot Water Boilers
  • Plate Heat Exchanger Boilers
  • Electrode Boilers

We will advise you of any issues or concerns after your annual boiler service. Our engineers will talk about your boiler’s longevity and if any upgrades or new installations are required, or if they will be needed in the future. We are committed to helping, advising and assisting you when it comes to your commercial boiler. If a new boiler is needed now or in the very near future we can offer you the most cost-effective commercial boiler options to suit your business needs and property.

During an annual boiler service, our engineers remove, inspect and clean the main components of your boiler ensuring they are fit for purpose and have no noticeable issues. This includes the main burner, heat exchanger, flue ways, seals, gaskets, pipework, fuel supply and ignition pins

We have a team of professional commercial plumbers and heating engineers which means your boiler system is always in qualified and safe hands

Our engineers are fully equipped and trained to carry out detailed checks on commercial boilers, giving you a comprehensive report of its safety and any indication of wear and tear.

During the service, our gas safe registered engineers follow a comprehensive boiler service checklist to ensure everything has been checked and is working well. In summary, we will conduct:

  1. Visual Inspection

We will visually inspect your boiler system, clean and adjust components as necessary, look for any signs of damage, and identify any signs of distress that are immediately visible.

  1. Operation & Control

We will check your boiler service controls are working as they should do and they are safe

  1. Flue & Combustion Releases

Our engineers will check the construction, termination and route of your boiler’s flue ensuring there are no obstructions and it is safely fitted.

  1. Boiler Component Clean

Our engineers will remove, inspect and clean the main components of your boiler to ensure they are still fit for purpose, safe and have no defects. This includes the main burner, heat exchanger, flue ways, and ignition pins.

  1. Boiler and Fuel Source Pressure

Our engineers will check your boilers pressure and the fuel supply pressure is safe and within requirements to ensure a safe and efficient working boiler system

  1. Tests & Checks

There are lots of tests and checks our engineers tick off and you will receive a copy of the checklist after your annual service, including boiler pressure, boiler fuel source pressure and heat input

At the end of your boiler service, we will ensure your boiler, including controls and settings, are working as they should do. Any changes we make to your controls and, or settings during your service are always reverted back, or changed to the setting we agree with you as the customer. 

Peace of mind and cost efficiency

An annual commercial boiler service will give you peace of mind regarding its safety, reduce the likelihood of your fuel bills increasing and minimise the chances of it breaking down.

We commit to:

Keeping you fully informed of any costs from start to finish, for commercial boiler repairs and breakdown.

Our professional engineers attend regular training sessions to make sure they are fully trained on all boiler systems and all up to date Health & Safety legislation. 

Our engineers are on hand 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to attend to your boiler breakdown.

Our customer-focused ethos means that every team member at Total Boiler Services is focused on delivering a quality service, each and every time. 

We only undertake a job if it needs doing and we complete all work to the highest of standards, always ensuring safety and adhering to all boiler and gas legislation. 

Our engineers are customer facing and have exceptional communication skills, keeping you updated on the work that is needed and as it progresses.

Types of Commercial Boiler Servicing

We can conduct a one-off boiler service for your commercial boiler or we offer maintenance contracts which means you don’t have to worry about booking your annual boiler service. Our commercial boiler maintenance contracts include an annual service to check it is running as it should do, safety checks to ensure there are no risks of carbon monoxide poisoning, any repairs as they are needed, as well as 24/7, 365 days a year emergency repairs to get your boiler back up and running quickly. 

A care maintenance plan with Total Boiler Services will ensure your heating system is serviced and maintained by our qualified maintenance team. Our repair contracts ensure any emergency repairs are carried out quickly and efficiently and we commit to getting your system back up and running if there are any problems. We have the experience and knowledge of working with all brands, makes and models and are a registered service provider which will keep you within your manufacturer warranty, all of which is included as part of our maintenance agreements.

Our commercial boiler installation

services include the following:

  • Gas, oil and L.P.G boiler replacements
  • New boiler room design and installation
  • Biomass boiler installation
  • Domestic Hot water boilers
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Electrode boilers
  • System upgrades
  • Flue system installation
  • High-efficiency boiler plant installations

We are registered and approved by a wide number of organisations

services include the following:

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Offices
  • Hospitals & Care Sectors
  • Historic Buildings
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Utilities Sectors