Upgrading your Commercial Boiler & Reducing your Businesses Carbon Footprint

How can Upgrading your Commercial Boiler reduce the greenhouse gases you produce and your businesses carbon footprint? Older style boilers don’t run as efficiently as Smart Boilers or Low Carbon Boilers, and upgrading your existing boiler system or installing a new one will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money in energy costs in the long run.

Total Boiler Services offer a free no-obligation site assessment of your existing boiler system and they can tell you how efficiently it is working and what you can do to reduce the greenhouse gases your boiler system is producing. This may be a service, an upgrade or you may need a new boiler and our expert heating engineers will discuss all of these options with you.

Many businesses are now much more aware of their carbon emissions and how it is impacting the environment, and they are now looking for ways of reducing their outputs. If everyone makes just small changes it will have an impact. There are now environmental taxes which encourage businesses to run in a more environmentally friendly way and there are schemes for different sizes and types of businesses.

What is The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

The Government’s RHI Scheme is a way of encouraging businesses and commercial property owners to utilise renewable energy sources and systems. It offers financial support and payments to businesses as a way of rewarding them. It is now in place for a further 12 months and the scheme has been extended to run until 31st March 2022, making now a really good time to consider your options.

The Benefits of Upgrading your Commercial Boiler

There are lots of benefits of a low emission heating system and Total Boiler Services can come out to your property and assess which system would work best for you.

  • Reduces or ends the need for a heating system using fossil fuel
  • Reduces your heating and hot water costs
  • You can receive payments through the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for your business or property having a renewable energy heating system

We have a team of expert heating engineers who will work with you and your business to plan, design, supply, install and maintain a low carbon heating system for you.

Many businesses now have plans for reducing their carbon footprint and becoming carbon neutral in the longer term. It isn’t possible to do this quickly and assessing your heating system is a great place to start which will work towards reducing your impact on climate change.

The UK was the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end its contribution to global warming by 2050. The target requires the UK to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by 2050. This is a huge target and something we all need to be thinking about now and something we should all be working towards. Despite the new law only a third (31%) of businesses say they have no plans to be net carbon neutral at all.

What is the Climate Change Levy?

The Climate Change Levy is a tax charged on the fossil fuel which businesses consume. The purpose of it is to encourage businesses to become more efficient to reduce their carbon emissions.

You can find out everything you need to know about Climate Change Levy here.

There are lots of ways you can reduce your carbon emissions which will in turn reduce your fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions, as well as saving your business money.

Ways of Reducing your Businesses Carbon Footprint

It’s not really thought about a huge amount, however, fossil fuel prices on an average increase above the rate of inflation, meaning reducing your energy costs by 20% is often equal to, and the same benefit as a 5% increase in your revenue.

Engage your employees with your environmental targets and ask them how they can contribute towards reducing your businesses energy usage. Ask them if there are any processes that can be changed to support this. Small changes like committing to always turning lights off when you leave a room, shutting windows at night, closing doors behind you to keep the heat in, changing to LED lightbulbs, only buying absolute essentials for the business and reusing things wherever you can. Only using companies for the products you need to buy who are environmentally conscious and their products are recyclable. All of these small changes will have a positive impact on the environment and reduce your businesses carbon emissions.

Total Boiler Services can help you start your journey of becoming more environmentally friendly by assessing your heating system. Contact us today on 02922 407934 to find out more and to book your site visit.

We will assess your commercial boiler system and advise you if it can be upgraded to become more efficient, or if you need a new one. We have years and years of experience in commercial heating systems and are known as the experts in the industry in the areas we work in. Our experienced and qualified heating engineers will come out to your business or commercial property and recommend any changes and improvements which can be made to your system for you to increase your efficiencies. This will contribute towards you decreasing your fossil fuel consumption, your fuel costs and your businesses carbon footprint.

We install the latest technology of smart boilers which we plan and design around your business and requirements. This will give you a bespoke and integrated system which will reduce your running costs as well as decreasing your carbon footprint.

What is a Smart Boiler?

A Smart boiler can be remotely controlled using an app to control your heating in real-time, the times it is on, its temperature and if you need hot water. You can split your property into zones which can be controlled separately enabling you to be more efficient with your heating distribution. Some Smart Boilers can show your Boiler Specialist its performance data, as well as any issues or faults and this enables them to give you remorse advice, sometimes fix it remotely and if not they will know what they are dealing with before they come out to you and often means they can fix it more quickly. The information also often prevents break downs which can be really disruptive in your business. Smart Boilers are a good option when you are considering upgrading your commercial boiler.

What is a Low or Zero Carbon Heating System?

Low carbon heating systems decrease the greenhouse gas emissions your business emits whilst also reducing your businesses running costs. A zero-carbon heating system removes all of the carbon emission your business produces and instead relies on renewable energy, including the sun, water, wind etc rather than gas or oil so is a great option when upgrading your commercial boiler.

A low carbon heating system releases minimal carbon emissions compared to an old or even a new gas or oil boiler systems.

Low emission heating systems work by extracting heat from sustainable and renewable energy sources. These sources can include the sun, the ground, water, natural materials and the air or wind. Whereby, a conventional boiler burns fossil fuels and releases large quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The carbon emissions released trap the heat in the atmosphere resulting in significant climate change and global warming which has been happening since the mid 19th century.

Natural resources will never run out which makes them renewable and sustainable. Fossil fuels including gas and oil are starting to run low and unless we start to make changes they will eventually run out.

Renewable heating systems provide heat and hot water to your business or commercial property. The type of low carbon or renewable heating system you have installed depends on your property, its location and your needs. There are 100% renewable options and others that will still rely on fossil fuel to run for a percentage of the time.

If you are thinking about plans to reduce your carbon footprint and you want to reduce your energy costs then Total Boiler Services can help.

Upgrading your Commercial BoilerUpgrading your Commercial Boiler

The Different Types of Renewable Low Carbon Heating Systems

  • Solar Heating Panels
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Hybrid Heating Systems

Solar Heating Panels

Solar heating panels use the sun’s free heat to warm the water in your property. This is different to a solar panel system which produces electricity for your property. Solar heating panels supply hot water to a wet central heating system including radiators, taps, showers and baths which then run through your property, keeping it warm and providing you with hot water.

Biomass Boilers

A biomass boiler works in the same way as a gas or oil type boiler. Instead of burning the gas or oil fossil fuels, natural materials (wood logs, chips, leaves, grass and pellets) are burned to create biomass fuel. The biomass fuel can be fed back into the mains electricity grid which you get a source of income from or provide electricity to your property, or both. There are two types of biomass boilers, manual or automatic. A manual biomass boiler requires you to feed the natural materials into it when it is running low. An automatic biomass boiler uses a hopper to feed the biomass fuel (natural material) into the boiler system when it is needed.

Air Source Heat Pumps

An air-source heat pump needs outdoor space to be fitted into. A unit is fitted into the ground and a fan pulls the air from outside in and the heat pump uses it to create hot water. The hot water is then fed around a wet central heating system, giving heat and hot water to the property, known as an air to water heat pump. An air-to-air heat pump system can heat and cool a property using the same fans.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

You need a larger outdoor area for a ground source heat pump as it needs to house a network of underground pipes. Refrigerant liquid is circulated through the underground pipework which then absorbs the heat from the underground soil and material. The refrigerant liquid is then transferred to a heat exchanger where it is heated and passed into a central heating system.

Water Source Heat Pumps

A water source heat pump may be an option for you if you live close to a river or a lake but you would need to gain permission from the right authority to use it. The water in the river or lake absorbs the heat from the sun, the water source heat pump pulls it in and heats it even more. The heat is then extracted and circulated through a central heating system in your property giving you both heat and hot water.

Hybrid Heating Systems

A hybrid heating system is a combination of the two, a traditional boiler using fossil fuel and an air source heat pump which gives you a 50/50 renewable source and energy cost savings. They switch between the heat pump and the boiler depending on which one will deliver the most efficient performance at the specific time.

The cost of a Low Carbon or Zero Carbon heating system depends on the size of your property and its location, which is the same as a traditional type boiler. A renewable heating system will cost more to install initially but you will save on reduced energy operating costs in the following years whilst reducing your carbon footprint. Total Boiler Services can come out to your property and conduct a full site survey offering you options for upgrading your commercial boiler with a renewable energy heating system and the cost with no obligation.

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