Essential Pre-Winter Property Checks for your Commercial Property discussed by Total Boiler Services

Whether you own or rent commercial property or are a business owner then there are some essential Pre-Winter Property Checks you should arrange with qualified tradespeople to ensure your property and or business aren’t impacted by the winter weather. Property emergencies in the winter months are stressful and will cause you loss of business, customers and operational efficiencies, as well as the potential of costing you a lot, so making sure your property is ready for the wintertime is essential.

Roofs leaking, heating systems breaking down and plumbing emergencies will all impact the operational running of your business for you, your teams and your customers. It may seem like you are paying out for someone qualified to check your property and systems when they don’t need it, however, these checks will ensure you know about any potential issues and enable you to rectify them before they become a problem in the winter months.

Annual checks will benefit you at any time during the year so it’s all about making sure your annual checks are arranged for the autumn to ensure that you are confident that your roof isn’t leaking, your heating system is safe and working as it should do and there are no signs of pipes or plumbing systems leaking or malfunctioning.

Essential Pre-Winter Property Checks for your Business or Commercial Property

Pre-Winter Property Checks – Plumbing

Internal and external pipework and drains, as well as plumbing systems, can all have the potential to be impacted by the cold and wet weather even if it isn’t extreme weather conditions. If your plumbing system, pipework and drains haven’t been checked and maintained before winter sets in as part of your pre-winter checks then pipes can crack, burst and result in reduced or increased flow rates, flooding to your commercial property or business which can then damage your heating system and result in costly repairs from freezing temperatures, heavy rain or sometimes even during a mild winter.

Annual checks and preventative maintenance prior to winter will help you avoid unnecessary repair bills, inconvenience or damage to your business and you having to call out a plumber at a really busy time of year.

A professional and reputable Boiler Management Company will check all of your plumbing as part of your pre-winter checks.

Internal & External Pipework

Checking internal and external pipework for any signs of wear or leaks and repair or replace them.

Pipework Insulation

They will ensure any external pipework is fully insulated which will help to reduce your energy bills as well as protecting them against freezing weather conditions, reducing the risk of pipes bursting and causing damage to your property. Professional plumbers will ensure your pipes have the correct standard of insulation and install insulation to pipes that are in hard-to-reach places as well as sometimes re-routing pipes in exposed areas if they feel it is needed.

Pipes & Cisterns

Drain pipes, cisterns or any other water-containing structures that aren’t needed in winter or that could block and cause you flooding issues.

Drains & Grates

Clear drains and grates, removing any leaves, mud or debris to prevent freezing, blocking and or flooding.

Pipe & Watertank Lagging

Ensure your pipes and water tanks are fully protected with lagging to help prevent them from freezing which can happen ta lot to any that are installed in unheated areas such as lofts or outdoor areas.

Dripping Taps

Fix any dripping taps which can often result in frozen pipes.

A qualified plumber will check to ensure the systems and pipework in your commercial property or business are in good working order, minimising the risk of breakdown, damage or repairs needed in the winter and will do this as part of their annual pre-winter checks.

Pre-Winter Property ChecksPre-Winter Property Checks – Roofs

Roofs should be checked to ensure they are safe and watertight in preparation for winter and a professional and reputable Facilities Management Company or Roofing Company will know the pre-winter checks that are required depending on the type of roof you have.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs should be checked prior to winter as snow and rain can lead to standing water resulting in leaks or severe damage to your roof and property inside which will be costly. Flat roofs are common on lots of commercial type buildings and are always more prone to leaking due to water, debris, snow and, or ice build-up. They need to be checked regularly and well maintained to ensure their membranes and seams aren’t split which will result in leaks.

Tiled Roofs

Tiled roofs should be checked as part of your pre-winter checks to ensure there are no damaged or loose tiles that can result in leaks often causing damage to electrical systems, decor, furniture and, or stock.

Roof Gutters & Drains

Gutters and drains should be cleared prior to winter to ensure rainfall can flow into the drains as it needs to. A build-up of dirt and debris in your guttering will result in leaks and drainage problems or blocked drains will overflow and can cause structural or physical damage to your property.

Roof Flashings

All roof flashing should be checked prior to winter to ensure it is flush, secure and undamaged. Flashing is a material usually aluminium or galvanized steel that is used over roof and wall joint construction to prevent water from leaking into your property and causing damage.

Roof Shingles & Vents

Check that shingles and roof vents are secure, clear and undamaged before winter sets in as it will cause damage to the inside of your property if there are leaks or not enough ventilation can result in damp and mould.

Roof Edges & Seals

Ensure your roof-edge waterproofing and seals are checked as part of your pre-winter checks to prevent unwanted drafts and increased energy bills.

Roof Surroundings

Ensure any overgrown trees or branches that are close to your property are trimmed back as high winds can result in them falling or breaking off and damaging your roof and, or property.

Heating System Pre-Winter Property Checks

Commercial properties normally require more maintenance compared to domestic properties as they are generally bigger and have commercial heating, boiler and cooling systems installed. There are legal responsibilities when it comes to commercial heating and gas systems so you should always have them checked and serviced annually by a qualified professional who is gas safe registered.

An annual boiler check or HVAC service will keep it:

  1. Working safely throughout the year
  2. Reduce the risk of carbon monoxide emissions
  3. Keep it in good and efficient working order, maximising its performance, reducing energy bills, minimising breakdowns
  4. Limit its wear over time, so extending its working life.
  5. Keep it covered under its installation warranty. If your commercial boiler is under warranty then an annual service by a qualified gas engineer is normally required to ensure its warranty stays valid.

By law, only Gas Safe Registered Engineers can test and service a commercial boiler system, so it is imperative that you use someone who is registered as they will be fully gas safe, qualified and compliant. A Gas Safe Engineer will check and service your boiler, gas appliances and flues to ensure everything is safe and in good working order as well as provide you with documentation to certify it has been completed and is safe.

Gas, fuels and any combustion products can be extremely dangerous so there is a lot of complicated and lengthy legislation when it comes to gas appliances, boilers, boiler plants and any work completed on them. You should always use a reputable and professional Gas Safe Business who will ensure that a qualified gas engineer with the required knowledge and experience of ‘gas safe’ compliance will service your boiler annually for you. The legislation regarding work on gas boilers and appliances is extensive, so using a reputable and professional company ensures that you don’t need to know everything as they are your experts.

Benefits of servicing your Commercial Boiler or HVAC System as part of your Pre-winter Property Checks

  1. Smooth running and efficiency, reducing and, or maintaining your energy bills
  2. Reduces the need for an earlier than necessary system replacement as no unnecessary strain is put on the system
  3. Reduces the likelihood of costly breakdowns
  4. Minimises the potential disruptions from a boiler or system breakdown resulting in no heating or hot water
  5. Keeps employees and customers safe, preventing gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning
  6. Reduces the likelihood of flooding which can result in costly damage your property and its contents as well as disruption
  7. Peace of mind it is running safely and efficiently
  8. Keeps you compliant with your legal responsibilities
Consider Powerflushing

Power flushing is a process which internally cleans and improves your heating systems efficiency and performance as well as dramatically decrease your energy bills if your pipes and radiators are full of dirt and debris. Some heating systems have poor circulation resulting in lukewarm radiators, a lack of hot water, increased noise, sludge build-up and your boiler will have to work a lot harder than it should do to heat your property, ‘power flushing’ will rectify these issues. The sludge and build-up are flushed through and removed by inline magnetic filtration, making your boiler system work more efficiently.

A system which is professionally power flushed is flushed in different directions dislodging sludge and debris build-up throughout your system and pipework which is subsequently drained. Special chemicals are used to ensure the sludge breaks down inside the system before it’s removed so none of it gets stuck or lodged anywhere. Power flushing your central heating system will extend the life and efficiency of your boiler.

Signs your Commercial Boiler needs a Repair or service
  1. No heat or hot water
  2. It switches off regularly and needs to be restarted frequently
  3. Your property isn’t feeling warm even when the heating is on
  4. Water temperature isn’t hot enough
  5. Noises, creaking, humming, buzzing, groaning
  6. Energy bills are increasing
  7. Signs of water leaks (these can sometimes lead to floods and property damage if not looked at quickly)

Modern boilers are complex pieces of equipment and it isn’t unknown for varying components to fail so a regular commercial boiler service will check that your boiler is compliant with current regulations (which are consistently being updated) and it is functioning safely. Having your Commercial Boiler serviced on a regular basis will keep your boiler reliable and working efficiently as well as reducing the likelihood of unexpected and unnecessary bills.

Boiler repairs and servicing ensure your boiler is in safe working order and it is your responsibility as a business or commercial property owner. Being pro-active and servicing your boiler before winter prevents costly breakdowns and keeps everyone safe, whilst ensuring you aren’t without heating or hot water in the winter months.

General Pre-Winter Property Checks

As a business or commercial property owner you should always have plans in place for anything that could happen during the winter months including; loss of power, heating, water, snow, burst pipes and these should include plans for colleagues, customers, stock, property, data and Health & Safety processes and procedures.

As a business or commercial property owner, preventative measures which include pre-winter checks are a good investment in terms of safety, cost management and a healthy work environment.

Professional and reputable Boiler Management Companies will ensure all of your boiler and gas appliance pre-winter checks for your business or commercial property are carried out by a fully qualified gas safe engineer to ensure you and your business are fully prepared for winter. They will know and understand your legal requirements and the things that need to be checked, serviced and maintained to ensure you have a hassle and stress-free winter, minimising any impacts to your business.

If you have a maintenance contract with your Boiler Management Company then you will have peace of mind that if you do have an emergency or breakdown they will come out to your property quickly and efficiently resolve or manage your issues directly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What should you look for in a Boiler Management Company?

  1. Gas Safe Registered
  2. A company that has their work regularly assessed to ensure ongoing competence and by which body
  3. A company that has valid insurance including public liability insurance and to what amount
  4. A company that offers installation, repair, maintenance and emergency services
  5. A company that offers a full planning and design service for new installations or any work that needs carrying out
  6. A company that offers boiler control and management systems
  7. A company that can tell you who they have worked for in the past
  8. A company that has excellent customer reviews and reputation
  9. A company that has been recommended by another business

About Total Boiler Services

Total Boiler Services is an independent company whose excellent reputation has been built on providing quality services for Businesses and Commercial properties throughout Wales, the South West of England and the M4 Corridor.

Our team of professional, qualified, polite and proficient staff Gas Safe Registered Engineers offer a complete installation, repair and maintenance service for commercial and industrial boilers systems.

Our professional gas safe registered engineers attend regular training to ensure they are fully trained and compliant on all boiler systems, up to date on legislation and are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to attend to your boiler breakdown if you need it.

Our customer-focused ethos means that every team member at Total Boiler Services is focused on delivering a quality service every time. We only carry out work if a job needs doing and we complete all work to the highest of standards, always ensuring safety and adhering to all boiler and gas legislation. All our engineers are customer facing and have exceptional communication skills, keeping you updated on any work that is needed including;

  • Gas boiler servicing
  • Oil boiler servicing
  • Combustion analysis
  • Boiler safety checks
  • Gas safe certification
  • Boiler fault diagnosis
  • Boiler inspection and condition reports
  • Plant replacement surveys

If you are looking for a Boiler Management Company that offers Pre-Winter Property Checks or, you need a boiler repair service or installation contact us today on 02922 407934 and one of our team will be able to answer any questions you may have or arrange an appointment for you.