Emergency Boiler Services from Total Boiler Services

Let’s face it now the cold weather and winter nights have set in no one wants to be without heating or hot water, whether you are a home or business owner. Commercial Emergency Boiler Services are often an essential part of your business running smoothly and effectively without disruption.

Total Boiler Services offer emergency heating, boiler and plumbing repairs for commercial properties and businesses. If you have a boiler or heating contract with us we will ensure one of our engineers gets to you quickly to assess what has happened and arrange for it to be repaired with minimal disruption to your business. Your heating or boiler system breaking down in the winter months can often mean you can’t get an engineer out to you as they are so busy so having a contract with us gives you peace of mind that we will arrange for one of our team to get out to you quickly.

We offer professional and qualified commercial heating, boiler, plumbing servicing, maintenance and installations across Wales, the West of England and the M4 Corridor. Our team are gas safe registered and fully qualified to work on all types and makes of heating and boiler systems including:

Our heating, boiler and plumbing services are all carried out by our qualified heating and gas safe registered engineers and all our work is in line with all current Health & Safety regulations. Contact us on 02922 407934 if you need any of our services.

Total Boiler Heating & Boiler Contracts

Having a heating or boiler contract with us means we will arrange to service your heating and boiler system annually. You don’t have to worry about doing this as we will arrange the annual service for you and can arrange it around your operational needs.

A heating or boiler system annual service will keep it in good repair, we will check the parts are working as they should you and we will often preempt if there is a problem ahead meaning you then don’t have the inconvenience of having any heating or hot water.

We will provide you with all the safety certifications you legally require when we have certified your boiler is running safely and efficiently.

Regular maintenance services are extremely cost-effective for a business or commercial property as they will prolong the life of your heating or boiler as well as minimise the likelihood of costly and inconvenient breakdowns.

A heating or boiler system contract means you can plan your monthly system costs into your budget and minimise the likelihood of repair or replacement costs when you don’t expect them and aren’t prepared for them financially.

Our expert engineers will advise you if they think you will need a new heating or boiler system in the future which enables you to plan the costs into your businesses finances. We will work alongside you to plan and design a heating or boiler system to suit your business, property, needs and budget and you will know you are working with a business you can trust.

If your boiler needs replacement parts we will arrange to come back and fit them for you if our engineer doesn’t have the parts your system needs.

If your boiler breaks down unexpectedly we will arrange for one of our qualified engineers, or a team of our engineers if it is a bigger system to come out to you quickly to assess what is happening. They will ensure your system is safe and will get it back up and running as quickly as they can using our resources and their vast experience.

Our customer contact centre is available 24/7, 365 days a year and will categorise and allocate your call out to one of our teams. We come out to your property and assess any faults before repairing any issues with your approval to ensure your heating system is back up and running safely as quickly as possible. We commit to providing you with detailed recordings of any repairs or remedial work carried out with full site information.

Emergency Boiler ServicesOur team are experienced in all types and sizes of heating and boiler systems from single boilers to full plant room facilities. We work alongside the major manufacturers which mean our team are always up to date with the latest advances in technology.

If you have a contract with us you don’t pay any call out charges for any emergency repairs.

We understand that an emergency plumbing situation can be extremely stressful and you will need to react quickly. All you need to do is turn off your water and call our customer centre and we will arrange for a plumber to get out to you quickly whatever time of day it is.

Our pipework services include the following:

    • Gas distribution pipework design and installation
    • Heating distribution pipework design and installation
    • Pipe fabrication
    • Steam and condensate pipework
    • Hot and cold water distribution pipework
    • Compressed air pipework
    • Mild steel and stainless steel pipework
    • Plastic pipework systems
    • Pipework pressure testing
    • Pipework inspections and condition reports

Our team of engineers are fully qualified to install, maintain and repair all types of distribution pipework for commercial businesses or properties, no matter how big or small they are.

Whether it’s; leaking or burst pipes, blocked or broken toilets or drainage issues our team can resolve it for you without the need for you to find a plumber you can trust.

Most Common Boiler Faults

Our emergency boiler services will investigate all of the below faults and many more to ensure we can get your heating or boiler system back up and running for you.

Loss of Heat and/or Hot Water

Loss of heating and hot water is extremely common and can be caused by a number of factors including:

    • an airlock
    • a failed motorised valve
    • a faulty thermostat
    • a pilot light issue
    • a diaphragm problem
    • a heating system leak

Boiler Switching Off

Low water pressure, a blocked or frozen condensate pipe, an airlock in the system, or a problem with the boilers pump can cause the boiler to switch off and all these issues would be investigated by your engineer if you have a problem.

Cold Radiators

The most common issue with radiators not getting hot is an airlock in the radiator. This can normally be released by using a radiator bleed key but there is a process you should follow when bleeding radiators.

Inconsistent Radiator Heat

Cold patches on radiators or inconsistent heat are often caused by sludge in the radiator system and the water passing through them being dirty. This can be resolved by the heating system being professional flushed through by a qualified engineer.

Inconsistent heat can also be due to a problem with a radiator valve which could need replacing.

Temperature Issues 

Thermostats can become inaccurate in their readings of temperature as they get older, or completely fail. This often means it turns the boiler on and off at the wrong times and temperatures.

No Pilot Light or the Pilot Light Keeps Going Out

No pilot light at all or if it keeps going out can be due to a faulty gas valve or broken thermocouple.

Draughts can also blow out a pilot light so the boiler case seal should be checked for damage.

Noises (banging, whistling, rumbling) from your Heating, Boiler or Plumbing System

Noises can also be due to sludge or debris in your whole system or it could just be down to an airlock in the system or pipework.

It may be the water pressure is too low so the system is having to work really hard to flush the water around or your system needs descaling.

Losing Water Pressure

Losing water pressure is most often due to the system losing pressure or a leak somewhere in the central heating system.

It can also be a faulty pressure relief valve and/or failure of the expansion vessel.

Frozen Condensate Pipe

The condensate pipe of a condensing boiler drains the water and if the water freezes it can cause a blockage, which will result in the boiler failing.

Leaking Boiler or Pipes

Faulty seals in pipework are the most common reason for a leak, as well as cracked, rotten or rusting pipes.

Our Services

    • Emergency boiler services
    • Installations
    • Design & Planning
    • System Upgrades
    • Service and Maintenance
    • Gas boiler servicing
    • Oil boiler servicing
    • Combustion analysis
    • Boiler safety checks
    • Gas safe certification
    • Boiler fault diagnosis
    • Boiler inspection and condition reports
    • Plant replacement surveys

If you have a problem with your commercial heating or boiler system and you need our emergency boiler services please contact us on 02922 407934 and we can arrange for one of our engineers to come out to you.

If you are interested in a heating, boiler or pipework maintenance contract with us we can answer any questions you may have. You can also contact us here.