Commercial Boiler Spring Checks discussed by Total Boiler Services

Spring is a good time to have your Commercial Boiler serviced. Many commercial property owners and businesses think that Autumn is the best time, however, having it serviced in spring checks how your boiler has faired whilst its worked hard for you over the winter months, ensures you have hot running water over the summer months and has no impact to your property or business. Our Commercial Boiler Spring Checks article tells you everything you need to know, what the benefits are and the services we offer.

Commercial Boiler Spring Checks

Regular boiler servicing will ensure your boiler is in safe working order and as a business or commercial property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure it is safe. Having your commercial boiler serviced in spring prevents costly breakdowns, ensures you have hot running water in your business or property as well as reducing your energy bills. A lot of commercial property owners and. businesses often think the best time to get your boiler serviced is before the winter months set in, however, you always need hot running water and being without it can cause disruption to your business if your boiler breaks down.

Commercial Boiler Spring Checks & Servicing

As with all gas, mechanical and electrical systems, boilers need to be serviced and maintained regularly and it is your legal responsibility as a commercial property or business owner to ensure your boiler is running safely.

Regular servicing will often extend its life as well as maximising its performance through its life, reducing your energy bills, minimising break downs whilst monitoring its carbon monoxide emissions.

Only qualified Commercial Gas Engineers who are registered with the Gas Safe register are legally able to service your commercial boiler. Commercial gas engineers will have the knowledge, expertise and qualifications to service and test all types and makes of commercial boilers to ensure it is safe and working efficiently. Gas, fuels and combustion products are dangerous and there is a huge amount of legislation covering gas appliances, boilers, boiler plants and any work undertaken on them.

The legislation surrounding any work carried out on gas boilers and appliances is extensive and using a qualified and gas safe registered commercial gas engineer is really important.

Total Boiler Services Gas Engineers are qualified to work on Commercial Boilers, are gas safe registered to service, repair, maintain and install commercial boilers and have the knowledge and experience of small to large commercial boilers and boiler plants.

What are the Benefits of Servicing your Commercial Boiler?

Commercial Boiler Spring ChecksModern boilers are now much more efficient, however, they need to be serviced regularly to ensure they remain efficient. Without servicing they will quickly develop issues which can cause breakdowns and costly repairs. Having your commercial boiler serviced regularly will ensure you avoid any unwanted disruptions, ensure its safe and keep it running at its best all year round giving you heat and hot water as you need it.

Total Boiler Services will service and maintain your Commercial Boiler which will give you the following benefits:

  • Efficient running and performance, reducing your energy bills
  • Pro-long its life reducing the likelihood of needing an early replacement
  • Minimise costly and disruptive boiler breakdowns
  • Prevention of gas leaks and carbon monoxide poisoning, keeping you and your employees safe
  • Reduces the likelihood of flooding which can damage your property, its contents, as well as disrupting your business
  • Gives you peace of mind it is running efficiently and safely
  • Keeps you compliant with UK Commercial Boiler regulations
  • Internally clean and increase the performance of your boiler by Power Flushing its whole system

What is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a process which internally cleans and improves your heating systems efficiency and performance which can dramatically decrease your energy bills and improve your supply of heat and hot water without your boiler having to work too hard.

Some boiler systems have poor circulation as a result of pipes and radiators being full of dirt, debris and sludge resulting in lukewarm radiators, lack of hot water and increased noise, and ‘power flushing’ will resolve this.

The sludge and built up of sludge and residue is removed by inline magnetic filtration, making your boiler system work more efficiently. When a system is professionally power flushed it is flushed in different directions dislodging sludge and debris build-up which is then removed. Special chemicals are used to ensure the sludge breaks down inside the system before it’s removed. Power flushing your central heating system will extend its life and its efficiency.

Total Boiler SErvices are experts in boilers and heating systems and can professionally power flush your system to ensure it works more efficiently for you.

About Total Boiler Services

Our commitment to you and the services we provide is to keep you fully informed of any costs from start to finish, whether its a commercial boiler repair, installation or breakdown and our commercial boiler services for businesses across Wales, the West of England and the M4 corridor is never compromised.

Our professional gas Safe registered engineers attend regular training to ensure they are fully trained and experts in all boiler types and makes. We commit to you that our engineers will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to attend to your boiler breakdown ensuring we rectify it quickly and efficiently to reduce the impact to your commercial property or business.

Every team member at Total Boiler Services is focused on delivering quality service, completing all their work to the highest standards every time and we will only do a job if it needs doing, always giving you any options available to you.

Safety is our highest priority and we adhere to all boiler and gas legislation. All our engineers are professional with exceptional customer service skills and we commit to always keep you updated on the work that is needed and as it progresses.

At Total Boiler Services, we ensure sure our client’s boilers are serviced on a regular basis and that they run to their optimum level, keeping your energy costs down and heating and hot water levels as you. need them.

Why have your Commercial Boiler Serviced?

Modern boilers are highly effective and efficient but are complex pieces of equipment and it is not unknown for components to fail on rare occasions. A regular commercial boiler service will check that your boiler is compliant with current regulations (which are consistently being updated)

Checks and tests to ensure it is functioning safely

Boiler failures are often pre-empted minimising the possible disruption to your business or commercial property being without heating and hot water

They will keep your boiler reliable and working efficiently, avoiding nasty and unnecessary energy and repair bills.

Total Boiler Services

  • Gas boiler servicing
  • Oil boiler servicing
  • Combustion analysis
  • Boiler safety checks
  • Gas safe certification
  • Boiler fault diagnosis
  • Boiler inspection and condition reports
  • Plant replacement surveys and installation
  • Boiler replacement surveys and installation
  • Power flushing

Total Boiler Services Installation Services

  • Gas, oil and L.P.G boiler replacements
  • New boiler room design and installation
  • Biomass boiler installation
  • Domestic Hot water boilers
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Electrode boilers
  • System upgrades
  • Flue system installation
  • High-efficiency boiler plant installations

Organisations we are Registered and Approved to Work with

  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Ministry of Defence
  • Offices
  • Hospitals & Care Sectors
  • Historic Buildings
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Utility Sectors
  • Leisure Centres

We are qualified and Gas Safe registered to work on all commercial boiler makes and models and offer our services throughout Wales and the West of England. Contact us today on 02922 407934 and we can arrange a Gas Engineer to come out to you and carry out your Commercial Boiler Checks, Repair or Service this Spring and we can answer any questions you may have.