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An annual boiler service is really important to keep it working safely and efficiently. If you are a landlord or business owner then you legally have to have your boiler serviced once a year and be able to show this with a gas safety certificate. Most businesses will arrange their Commercial Boiler Servicing in Autumn so it is ready for the winter months, however, having it serviced in spring or summer has many benefits. The most important factor when it comes to your boiler servicing is that you have it serviced by a gas safe registered engineer once a year.

Total Boiler Services fully qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineers will service, repair, plan, design and install any commercial heating system whenever you need us and we will plan your annual boiler service so you don’t need to worry about it.

We are specialists in the design and installation of all types of commercial heating systems whether gas, electric or oil-powered. We have extensive experience in mechanical heating system installations whether the requirement is a new installation or work needed for an existing system.

What are the benefits of an annual commercial boiler service?

  • It will reduce the likelihood of your energy costs increasing as it will run efficiently after a service
  • It will combust fuel safely, minimising the risk of excess carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide poisoning
  • It will be more reliable and less likely to break down which can leave you with no hot water or heating when you need it most
  • A service can decrease the likelihood of expensive replacement parts being needed as it will rectify problems with your boiler before they are an issue
  • It will keep your commercial boiler within its warranty
  • A service will increase the life and longevity of your boiler, meaning you won’t have a costly replacement before you need to

What time of year should I get my commercial boiler serviced?

There isn’t a wrong time of the year to have your boiler serviced. The most vital bit is to have it serviced by a boiler specialist at least once a year. Be aware, if you are a business owner or landlord then legally you have to ensure your boiler is working safely and efficiently. You need a gas safety certificate to demonstrate you have had it serviced as well as carried out any work or repairs that you have been advised about.

What should I do if I have moved into a new commercial property?

If the previous owner or landlord of the commercial property has not handed you a gas safety certificate for your boiler then we would highly recommend that you arrange your own service with a boiler specialist like Total Boiler Services. This ensures your boiler is working safely, you are being responsible for your legal obligations as a business owner or landlord as well as knowing it is working efficiently so your boiler energy costs are as they should be.

Only ever use a Gas Safe Registered Commercial Engineer to service, repair or install a gas boiler. They will have the qualifications and experience to ensure it is done in a safe and compliant manner and the Gas Safe Register quality checks the work which is being carried out to ensure it is safe and compliant on an ad hoc basis.

You can find details of the Gas Safe Register here as well as find qualified Gas Safe Engineers.

Total Boiler Services Gas Safe Registered Engineers

Total Boiler Services has a team of gas safe registered engineers who are employed by us. We ensure your boiler is working as it would be, efficiently, is safe and remains within its manufacturer’s warranty. We will book your annual boiler service in advance so you don’t need to worry about it. We offer a 365 day a year, 24-hour emergency breakdown service to our customers which gives you peace of mind that your business, property and team are not without heating or hot water when you need it.

Commercial Boiler ServicingWhy should I have my commercial boiler servicing done in spring or summer?

  1. Having a commercial boiler serviced in the spring or summer will ensure your boiler is in good working order and you always have hot water throughout the whole year as well as heating when you most need it in the winter
  2. When the temperature starts to drop your commercial boiler will have already been serviced and you know it will be working safely and efficiently for you
  3. Gas engineers are less busy in the spring and summer months as Autumn they will be busy servicing and throughout the winter they will be repairing a lot of boilers
    Boiler parts will be more readily available and more easily sourced during the spring and summer months

Never put off having your Commercial Boiler Servicing done every 12 months and if you don’t think it is working as it should then you should arrange for a gas safe registered engineer to come out and look at it ASAP. Your boiler could be unsafe and what might have been a small issue or fault can often cause more damage to your boiler, in the long run, costing you more to get fixed.

Always turn your heating on once a month in the summer, this will check it is all working as it should do and will give it a run through so you will know when you need your heating turned on in Autumn winter it will be ready to go.

What are the signs my boiler needs servicing?

  • It was serviced over a year ago. If this is the case you should book a service straight away.
  • If you have moved into a property and there is no service record or gas safety certificate in the last 12 months you should book your annual commercial boiler servicings straight away.
  • Your energy bills are going up and not just in the winter months when your heating is on more. Always keep a track of all of your energy bills and this will allow you to take action if things are changing out of the ordinary.
  • Your property isn’t feeling as warm as it should and you haven’t changed your temperature or timing settings. A qualified heating engineer or gas safe registered engineer will service your boiler and check your radiators are fully working because this can be a reason for the temperature in your property lowering.
  • If you have no heating at all then this is a sure sign you should have your boiler serviced and checked straight away. A gas safe engineer or heating engineer is normally able to fix your boiler without you having to have a new one installed so don’t worry about this.
  • If you have no hot water it could be a simple fix that a boiler service will identify. A qualified heating engineer or gas safe engineer will be familiar with common boiler faults with different makes and models and will know what needs to be checked to identify the problem quickly and efficiently.
  • The pilot light isn’t working, it has gone out and either won’t relight or when it does it goes out after a period of time. Be aware if you have a gas boiler and there are issues with the ignition source this can increase carbon monoxide levels which is extremely dangerous. You may need to switch your boiler off until your engineer can get to you but always check this with them, when you call to arrange for them to come out.
  • If you can smell gas in your property then you should always switch off your gas supply at the mains. Open your windows and doors and don’t switch on lights or plugs until your gas engineer arrives and identifies where the problem is. A gas engineer will check your gas supply and pressure as well as your gas pipes as part of your service and this often identifies issues before they become a problem and your heating system needs to be turned off.
  • If there are strange noises coming from your boiler then it is likely it needs to be checked over with a full service. Groaning, buzzing, squeaking, creaking, whistling or any weird or unusual noises often means you have an issue and it could break down imminently or those noises mean your whole system is being damaged so you should get it checked quickly.
  • Leaks from your system or pipework can result in your property flooding if it isn’t checked and serviced quickly. You may have noticed water, small leaks or damp areas near your boiler system or radiators and these often lead to full leaks or burst pipes which will damage your property and belongings and cost a lot to rectify if not checked out.

Booking your boilers annual service in spring or in summer has many advantages and Total Boiler Services will quickly and efficiently service your boiler to the required legal standards.

Spring & Summer Commercial Boiler Servicing Advantages

  1. More availability at these times
  2. We can quickly service, source boiler parts and repair any potential issues before they arise
  3. No concerns about having no heating or hot water in the winter months as your boiler will be fully serviced and ready to go when you need it

Knowing you have Total Boiler Services on hand to service your boiler and identify any potential problems gives you peace of mind and remove’s the need for you to worry about the condition and safety of your boiler and it breaking down when you most need it.

About Total Boiler Services

At Total Boiler Services, we understand there is a considerable amount of time that is taken and needed to manage the upkeep of your commercial boiler and this often takes away important time from team members which could be better spent doing the job they are employed to do.

Total Boiler Services will manage the upkeep and maintenance of your boiler and will plan your annual Commercial Boiler Servicing for you every year.

We are specialists in the design and installation of all types of commercial heating systems whether gas, electric or oil-powered. We have extensive experience in Mechanical Services Heating system installations whether the requirement is for a new installation or in an existing building.

Our customer-focused ethos is at the heart of everything we do and our team members are focused on delivering the best and most professional service every time. Our Commercial Gas Engineers, Heating Engineers and Plumbers are customer-facing with exceptional communication skills. They will always explain what work or parts are needed and they will keep you updated about the progression of your job when it comes to you your Commercial Boiler Servicing.

Total Boiler Specialise in

  • T.H.W heating systems
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  • High-efficiency gas-fired radiant tube heating systems
  • Radiant plaque heating
  • Underfloor heating
  • Steam heating systems
  • Heat pump systems
  • Pipework

Total Boiler are Specialists in the Design and Installation of all Types of Distribution Pipework

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We offer boiler and heating maintenance contracts that will ensure your system and appliances are fully serviced and certified when they need to be offering you peace of mind, along with a professional, smooth and hassle-free solution.

If you need to arrange a Commercial Boiler Servicing contact us today on 02922 407934 and one of our team will be able to answer any questions you may have and arrange your service on a day and time to suit you.