Reducing Energy Usage In Your Business

As a business owner, you are always looking for ways to reduce costs and improve your bottom line. One area where you can make a significant impact is your energy bills, especially at this time with domestic and business energy costs rising significantly. You can save money every month on your utility costs by making your business more energy-efficient. Here are a few simple ways to save money on your Business Energy Bills.

Arrange an energy audit

If you want to save money on your business energy bills, one of the best things you can do is request an energy audit. A professional boiler services company can identify areas where your business is wasting energy and make recommendations for improvements. This increase the efficiency of your systems and in turn will help you reduce your energy bills and run your business more efficiently.

Arrange an insulation audit for your business property

Another effective way of reducing your energy costs is to ensure your property is fully insulated, including walls, roof, windows and doors. Reducing the heat that escapes from your property or the cold entering your property will significantly reduce your energy costs and the investment will be well worth it in the short and long term.

Educate your employees about conserving energy

Another way to save on your business energy bills is to educate your employees about the benefits of conserving energy and how they can help. Show them how small changes, such as turning off lights when they leave a room, turning off their computers, not letting taps run, and not leaving windows open when the heating is on can make a big difference. Ask them for their ideas of how they think they could help reduce your business energy costs and you may even consider implementing an employee incentives program to reward those who come up with the best ideas and save the most energy.

Upgrade your equipment and lighting

Upgrading to more efficient equipment and lighting can also help save money on your business energy bills. This can be a significant investment but will pay off in the long run with lower energy bills. You may also want to consider installing solar panels or other renewable energy sources, which can further reduce your carbon footprint.

Switch appliances off

Appliances left on standby although small waste energy and add to your electricity bill. Ask your team to get into the habit of switching them off at the socket when they’re not in use. And it’s not just appliances that can be switched off – turn lights off when you leave a room, close doors to keep heat in, and only boil as much water as you need.

Reduce business travel

Business travel can be a significant source of energy consumption, carbon emissions and costs to your business. If you reduce the amount of business travel, you can make a big difference to your business outgoings. Encourage employees to use video conferencing and other forms of remote communication instead of travelling for meetings.

Pay attention to the weather

In the summer months when it’s not too hot, open your windows and turn off the air conditioning to save significant energy. In the winter, ask your teams to dress warmly and lower the thermostat to reduce your heating costs. Ensure windows are shut in the winter and doors closed which will keep the heat in. And in both seasons, pay attention to weather forecasts to plan and reduce energy consumption. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your heating needs to be on constantly or at set times. Plan ahead and make someone responsible and you will reduce your energy costs.

Install a smart meter

Reducing your business energy bills is essential, especially with the recent increases in energy prices for both businesses and homeowners in the UK. Taking some simple steps can make a significant impact on your business’s bottom line while also helping to conserve resources and improve employee morale. A smart meter is a great way to save energy in your business. It will help you keep track of your energy use and ensure that you are using as little as possible.

You can read our Smartmeter article here which gives you hints and tips on how you can best use it to reduce your energy costs.

Reduce Business Energy Bills

Turn the heating down

Although thermostat control is a bone of contention for many staff members, Turning a thermostat down just one degree can save a huge amount each year.
We’re not suggesting you turn the thermostat down to the point where everyone is freezing and your place of work no longer meets legal requirements; instead, just turn it down a notch or two, ask your employees how they are feeling with this and let them know the cost savings and environmental benefits of doing it. You will have a positive environment as long as your team are satisfied with the temperature and feel involved.

Turn off lights when not in use

One of the easiest ways to conserve energy and reduce the costs of your business energy bills is to turn off lights when they are not needed. This can make a big difference in your energy consumption, and it is a straightforward change. You may also consider implementing an employee training program on conserving energy. Show them how small changes, such as turning off lights when they leave a room or taking shorter showers, can make a big difference. You may also consider implementing an employee incentive program to reward your team for saving energy and achieving a target.

Switch to the most affordable energy supplier

One way to make your business more energy-efficient is to switch to a more affordable energy supplier. There are many options, and often you can find a supplier that offers competitive rates and good customer service. Finding a fixed rate deal may also be beneficial for you over the next few years but shop around and find the right deal for your business. This will help you save money on your energy bills and help you to run your business more efficiently. It’s also worth investigating how solar panels or other renewable energy sources can further reduce your carbon footprint.

Put together a team to manage your company’s energy reduction plan

Once you have identified ways to reduce your company’s energy usage, it is crucial to put together a team responsible for implementing the changes necessary to achieve these savings. The team should include representatives from all relevant departments within your organisation, including facilities, accounting/finance, operations, marketing/sales, human resources and your operational team. The members of this team can be responsible for developing specific plans for their respective areas of responsibility, involving and engaging their teams offering them feedback and how their actions are contributing to the plan, and ensuring the overall goals of your business energy conservation are met and you reduce your business energy bills.

Finding a decent energy deal for a small, medium or large business can be difficult, especially with electricity prices on the increase and likely to increase further in 2022.
If you would like advice or an assessment of your heating and cooling systems contact us today on 02922 407934 and we can arrange a suitable date and time for you. We will assess your systems and offer you recommendations, advice and support to assist you in reducing your energy costs.