Most Common Problems When Boiler Not Working

Your boiler plays a critical role in the comfort and functioning of your home or business. Being without a boiler can mean no heating which isn’t good in the winter and no hot water which will be difficult in the winter and summer months. Your boiler not working as it should and operating not efficiently will mean your home or business isn’t a comfortable environment as well as your energy bills increasing more than they need to. 

This is why it is important that it is well maintained at all times and serviced when it needs to be. Like other home and business appliances, boilers can experience functional issues, especially as they get older or when they haven’t been serviced. Here are some of the most common boiler issues and what you should do if you experience them. 

Pilot Light Going Out – Boiler Not Working

The small gas burner that is always burning on your gas boiler is what is referred to as the pilot light. This can sometimes go out, and often indicates there is an issue with your boiler. It could be the result of gas build-up in the nozzle or even a draught finding its way into the boiler systems pipeworks and blowing out the flame. In some cases, the thermocouple, which monitors changes in the temperature of your pilot light may be broken and cut out the gas supply to the pilot light. 

To address this problem, you should check out other boiler appliances on your property to see if they are working or not as this will tell you if you have a problem with your boiler or gas supply. If your other gas appliances are working, try reigniting the pilot light using the instructions in your manufacturer’s manual. If this doesn’t work, you should call a boiler engineer to come out and diagnose the problem for you. Boilers can be dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing and you should always use a qualified and certified Gas Safe registered engineer for any repairs. The pilot light going out is a lot more common with older boiler models as the latest ones ignite electrically. 

Noisy Boiler 

Sometimes, your boiler can start making unusual noises that are not only a nuisance to your household but are most often highlighting you have an issue with it. Boiler noises can range from banging and whistling to buzzing and gurgling. If this is happening then chances are there is a problem with the air supply in your boiler system. Noises can also happen as a result of a failing pump or reduced water pressure, depending on the nature of the sound you’re hearing. 

Again, check your manufacturer’s guidelines which may give you some idea why it is making a noise. You can try adjusting the boiler settings, however, a noisy boiler can indicate a more serious fault that may not be immediately apparent. If you leave the issue then it can sometimes lead to further more costly repairs so always call your Gas Safe registered engineer who will come out and find out what the problem is for you. If the noises are coming from your radiators and pipe system then you can also try bleeding the radiators or examining the pipework to try and identify the problem. 

Boiler Not Heating or Providing Hot Water 

Boiler Not WorkingA boiler that does not heat your home or business will really cause disruption in your property, especially in the winter. Cold showers in both winter and summer are not nice so you should always sort out the issue quickly. There are many reasons why a boiler won’t provide heat and hot water and often it’s never about one single issue. 

If you are trying to diagnose the problem yourself your first check should be if the thermostat is working as this is often the most common fault when a boiler isn’t proving heat and hot water. Other causes could be your boiler pressure might be off and this will need to be adjusted or there is an issue with your mains gas supply. A Gas Safe registered boiler engineer will quickly identify the problem and be able to repair and resolve it quickly and safely for you. 

Leaking Boiler 

A leaking boiler will not only decrease the efficiency of your system due to loss of pressure but can also expose your property to water damage on the walls, ceilings,  carpets and furniture which can all be costly to repair over time. Leaks usually point to something amiss within the internal parts of the boiler system. Check underneath your boiler for any water patches to try and determine where the leak is coming from. Also, examine the piping system throughout your property to try and find the leak source, especially around joints and bends as this could prevent costly damage within your property.

Often you will need a boiler engineer to identify where any leaks are and repair them so never leave it, if you see a leak or suspect you have one call out your boiler engineer quickly to identify where the problem is and this will prevent more damage to your property and boiler in the long run. 

There could be several faulty parts inside your boiler system which only a qualified engineer will be able to identify and if there is a leak in the piping system they will quickly be able to secure the pipe and stop the leakage. 

Low Boiler Pressure – Boiler Not Working

Boilers can lose pressure over cycles, meaning you won’t be getting enough water or it won’t be heating or providing hot water to your property. This is because boilers are supposed to operate at a certain pressure to function normally. If your boiler pressure gauge is lower than the recommended level, you will need to take steps to fix it to prevent further more costly repairs further down the line. 

Try examining the system for leaks which can be the reason for a drop in pressure level. If you can’t find any leaks, re-pressurise the boiler system by consulting your instruction manual. If neither of the above works, contact your boiler engineer to book a repair.  

Cold Radiators 

The radiators in your boiler system provide heat in your property so when they aren’t working this could mean a couple of things. It may be a result of a fault in the air inside the central heating system, pipework and radiators. To fix this, try bleeding the radiators, but if you see no difference, your system might require flushing. A qualified boiler engineer will be able to come out and quickly identify the problem and resolve it for you so contact them to make an appointment. 

Frozen Pipes Boiler Not Working

The condensate pipe in your boiler carries the condensate to an external drain. During the cold months, the condensate pipe can sometimes freeze and this often results in certain noises in the pipework. Usually, your boiler system will have a fault code to notify you when this happens so always check your manufacturer’s guidelines.

You can find video tutorials on the internet that explain how to safely thaw a condensate pipe. This is one way to fix the issue. But if you’re not sure, the most sensible option would be to call your boiler specialist. 

Thermostat Not Working 

If you have a faulty thermostat on a working boiler, you will have problems with your boiler providing the heat and hot water you need. Sometimes, the problem can be as minor as an accidental knock that can turn off or adjust the thermostat settings and this can easily be repaired by restoring the thermostat settings. However, if this doesn’t work and the problem is ongoing you may need a new thermostat. Contact your local boiler engineer and they will advise you of the best solution. 

Conclusion Boiler Not Working

A fully functional boiler is critical for your residential or commercial property. It ensures the environment is comfortable and you have the hot water you need to function. The issues discussed above are the most common problems associated with boiler systems. Whilst some can be solved relatively easily, others will require a professional and Gas Safe certified boiler engineer.

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